Trolley Flash

Trolley Flash
Where I can get an ID for public transport if you have a disability?

firstly I would like to extend my apologies if this is not makes sense, but I'm just wondering if there is some form of identification may be used in the car indicating that you paid for a month to use the car. im 17 usually do not travel on public transport unless im mobility lessons however I noticed that some people simply flash some form of identification that could be wrong since I'm visually impaired and I can not really notice certain things from afar. But what I can to get some form of identification that indicates that I have one in the state of California in the state of California, city of sandiego.

if visible damage (or legally blind, Braille is insutite local ID cards can also can go to local transit agencies and request your ID card to disable (shame they did not say what city they are (as For example, if you were in Los Angeles County may request access services (which is the parallel transport service in the County) once you have the card that can be more riding transit buses in the county of Los angles .. free if you are in the Bay Area transit agencies have a regional transport card

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