Traveller Ion

Traveller Ion

"The technology creates love." Winalite started in 2007 in China, this principle works. Your Product Key, Love Moon Sanitary Napkin is a mixture technology and reflection to provide women with only what they want. Winalite is a network marketing company that has, in the course of three years expanded to reach to international markets. Let's find out what's behind this growth and see if this business is so robust in the long term as it is now.


Winalite sells hygiene products for women, shampoo, cell phones and baby diapers. Love Moon Sanitary Napkin is the flagship product this company. The company has two major units of the state of the art manufacturing in Guangdong and Chongqing.

Moon Love – Technology anion

Love Moon sanitary napkin has an advantage over competing products because of their padding anions. This negative ion technology is said to help prevent disease and provide health benefits to users. The company claims that regular use of these pads result in lowering of its lethargy, migraines, stress and infections.

The Company

Winalite was founded by Mr. De ChenHuai in January 2007 in China. The company earned popularity in a short period of two years because of its flagship product, Love Moon. Now the products are sold by distributors in several countries, including USA, Korea South, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong, etc. The company has more than 500,000 distributors worldwide and the business has almost been reached to stage million U.S. dollars alone.


Dealers can choose from four levels of entry – Silver Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The entry is in the form of commissions, bonuses, sponsorship, bonus multiplier and leadership matching bonus. In addition to money, winners incentives to get cars and family vacation packages.

The company expects a strong increase in demand for health products in the coming years. This wave moves billions of dollars said to have created the tsunami "of business opportunities." Is this really a tsunami or just a wave of false expectations? We'll see.

Pro Winalite Pros

– The products are needed on a regular basis, which means a regular income for representatives.

– The demo of the product alone is enough to sell the product. This product has a clear competitive edge products, is unique and has a patent to protect their individuality.

Business Issues

– The product is targeted at women. It may be difficult sell face to face.

– There is so much hype about the element of anions. In an attempt to generate revenue, some representatives have miraculous healing powers given to these strips anions.

– Reach out to friends or family with a plan to sell their products will not get you enough money or take you anywhere near the car and holiday incentives.

– The pay structure of the company is focused on sales in large volumes and large equipment. The standard training provided is not suitable for sales high volume through friends and family. Representatives looking for long term income to replace your current income have a low chance of ever meeting with their own expectations, due to the limited training Winalite gives representatives on how to recruit more sales and more repetitions.


This field has long recognized brands like Stayfree. Customers who are comfortable with these marks do not like going to another brand just because a dealer says it is better.

brand affiliation is a sensitive issue for women and their personal feminine products. Kortex stiff competition, OB, Playtex, Tampax, Seventh Generation, and Pearl are just a few companies in this competitive space. Then there is the difference with sanitary napkins for products using others as tampons, menstrual cups, cloth pads Menstral and diaphragms.

Winning With Winalite

Winalite seems be a decent business take up. However, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of what the company has to offer, has to be proactive about marketing of their products. You would get much better response when it promotes its products through a medium like the Internet that when you meet people individually. In this way you get to convey product information to several people at a time, beating one to one marketing.

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