Traveller Curved

Traveller Curved
Follow-up not to increase the pressure as we go deeper into the earth and to what extent can the body no longer t?

In the center of the earth force of gravity is equal in all directions and therefore a network from scratch. If the visitor deeper hypothetical 16 miles (where air pressure is 5 atmospheres as advised in one response), in which time the air pressure to start reducing, and what would the curve if air pressure is plotted against depth?

Good question. I really do not know exactly what happens with the air pressure near the center of the earth. Just can not use the formula = Pfluid ?gh g varies with depth. But my guess would be that the center continues to grow, only reduces the rate of increase. With g constant, the pressure is weight of air above the measurement point. In this case the pressure is the combined total of every bit of depth, and each bit is positive, so the sum is always positive, and increases with depth ..

Finite Universe Traveler ? ??????

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