Travel Voltage

Travel Voltage
What kind of voltage converter do I need to travel to Australia from Canada?

I would bring my hair iron, but not want to fry!

A plate 115vac fried hair when trying to connect to our point of 240vac. A voltage converter is costly and a waste of money. As mentioned earlier, just bought a 240vac on over here, because the cheaper labor. In all the houses and hotels in Australia, is a flat pin 3 output, with the top two pins at opposite angles and earth vertical pin. Most hotels have a two spikes U.S. style to 115 Vac for tourists can use hair dryers / hair straighteners, etc. This is usually located in the bathroom. Y. Call it a mobile phone charger. You do not need a adapter voltage converter or frequency, the charger is a switching mode power supply, it will run on both (240vac @ 50Hz – Australia) or (115VAC @ 60 Hz – Canada / USA). You will however need a pin converter (adapter).

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