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Are people more hostile (for foreigners) in northeast urban areas than other parts of America?

I do a lot of business trips always surprised me how unfriendly most people in urban cities of the northeastern U.S. than elsewhere. I vote the Washington DC area as the area more hostile then second is to the people of New Jersey. Meeting people in Boston, Philadelphia and New York a few friends too. Moreover most people in the southern U.S. and Midwest are very friendly. Do you see any relationship between local, regional culture and friendlyness?

I think people in the South are the most friendly … and I've always thought that. I think it's that whole Southern hospitality thing, but I could not get hopsitality same as if you went to southern California, but then, I've never been there. All I know is that TENNESSEEANS WELCOME EVERYONE! Come here, you will love it. My family loves Pennsylvania here. They always say "Everyone is so nice" … Could be all related to the whole "Bible Belt" thing? No se.

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