Travel Universal

Travel Universal

Who says children can only have fun at Universal Studios? Absolutely not! After spending the day caring for their children and enjoying your inner child with games and attractions at the theme park, have grown up a good time in the CityWalk!

Let's front. Sometimes being a parent can be stressful. As a mom with three boys, sometimes I get tired of having to "child's play" all the time. There are days when I would All to have the life experience of the night with my husband again, as we used before baby cribs and changed our lives.

You know how I feel? Well, if you do, I'm going to let a big secret.

My family and I went to Universal Studios Orlando a couple of months ago. During night, when our children were sleeping, my husband and I slipped out of our hotel room at CityWalk.

What What we found at Universal for adults to enjoy?

. Brazilian Nights 1

From 22:00 every last Friday of every month Nights promises an evening of Brazilian dance, Brazilian style. Learn to samba, drink and see $ 3 Caipirinhas Performers Capoeira performers.

Admission is $ 7 just to go in and enjoy!

. Legendary Thursday 2 Bob Marley

If you like reggae at Bob Marley's head, every Thursday at 8 pm onwards. You can enjoy live reggae music, DJ and drinks. The Admission is $ 7.

3. Ladies Night in the Latin Quarter

I to try this since I was with my husband, but I hear that Thursday night is Ladies Night in the Latin Quarter. Ladies get in free from 10 until midnight. Drinks on the house.

Warning: Children under 21 are not allowed to these events. They are solely for you, dear father and mother, so enjoy!

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