Travel Sling

Travel Sling
"I can travel on a plane with my baby wrapped in a sling / wrap / carry baby?

I'm taking a vacation with my old and 7 moths I was wondering if it's OK for me to do it in a mei tai or sling ring. I heard that u can not, but I do not understand why? I would say is more sure if the baby is in arms wraped around instead that only in my arms all lose. In case something happens to end up flying around. Also how more money he would pay if I take the car baby sit with my luggage? I do not want the car sitting on the plane because I would have to pay for another camp. I just wanted to take me to my destination when you arive.

Yes! I just did it last week. I had to get her out of the sling to go through security, but the biggest thing was once we were on the plane. He slept all the time and even got up and use the bathroom with her in the sling and did not make a peep.

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