Travel Sentry

Travel Sentry
New Travel Sentry Approved Lock – TSA 002. How the hell do I configure and use? At this moment I can not tell.

Lock, Tag and Leash Set Walmart. Protects says. It also says WVK-199ET 1745036. I have to find a way to establish the combined use of the lock. At this time the latch did not even go down on the lock body. I can not get closed, much less closed. And if I close OD and Lock, I will not be able to unlock it. There is no indication that the package ever!

The only way of finding out was to set the lock 000. Push closed, then turn the lock. Set it to 000 again to open. Is lame however, that no instructions so I'm not sure if that is the only option, or you can customize the code. edit .. found the solution. check link.

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