Travel Money

Travel Money
How do you get the money to travel a lot? And how can you get a business trip, traveling to foreign countries?

I am very poor and lives in the U.S. love to travel and get a job traveling through Latin America. Is there any way to get money to do that? & I filter how people travel to Europe three times per year. And even rich. How do they get the money to do this without having to work or get a loan? Do all travel grants? I have a passport. And I live off of SSI and Social Security. * Type-FOREIGN.

you'll be surprised how cheap it really is to travel some countries, especially the countries of Latin depends on where you travel and stay, but I'm going to Mexico every year and never spend more than 8-9 hundred month.instead dollars to stay in a hotel you can rent an apartment to award cheaper.and instead of eating in fancy restaurants that cater to tourists that you should eat in local food, the food is better and the fun of allocating more.

Travel, Money, Freedom… Vacation and Income of your Dreams

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