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Travel Map

What are the most important places to visit Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is an ideal country to visit. When you look around the world travel map is close to southern India and Sri Lanka is surrounded by attractive Sri Lanka beach, which offers the many cultural and natural. After 30 years of civil war, now be allowed to Sri Lanka tourism. Kandy is the best starting point for a holiday. Kandy is a sacred Buddhist cultural center of the country. Kandy is home to the Temple Tooth, said to house a tooth of Buddha. Legend has it that the tooth was smuggled into Kandy, the hair of a princess, after the tooth was taken from the pyre Buddha's funeral. The temple was built in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Bentota is a Sri Lanka quiet beautiful beach town and a place to relax and spend your vacation. Several ancient churches are located in the region. These beautiful churches remain there since the ninth century, and worth a visit. Another famous place is Sigiriya, tours depart frequently Sigiriya. It is a stone, but is very different from any other rock that I saw. All the most breathtaking views are by air, and show that this incredible place really is. So some people want it to be among the wonders of the ancient world.

Sigiriya goes back thousands of years. There are caves and features gardens, it never ceases to amaze every visitor to himself. This place has been established as a World Heritage Site. A major advantage of visiting this country is the size of the island. If you want to spend a day at the beach of Sri Lanka, Beruwala on the south coast, or explore the many places in the commercial capital of Colombo and spend the night in which the Gallface beach, you can go wherever you want and nothing is too far right when you buy a travel break.

Ambalangoda also near the beach and you can find a number of luxury beach hotels in Sri Lanka. Ambalagoda act as a center for dance and the devil mask and puppet-making traditions. Devil's Dance performed in a wide range of opportunities both to ward off evil spirits and ask the blessing of good humor. Ambalangoda is also close to Hikkaduwa. The complex includes Sanctuary Reef, which is a paradise for divers and search for the abundance of reef fish and turtles.

Dambulla cave temples were used by local monks, a place for meditation, since the first century BC. Dambulla attraction is the Golden Temple of Dambulla, which is considered the largest temple and best preserved homes in the countryside. The Golden Temple is a World Heritage site by UNESCO, and contains an impressive array of Hindu and Buddhist statues and paintings. Dambulla cave temples, which consists of four different caves, each with a wide range of Buddhist and Hindu art.

If you are planning to visit the country this need not spend much money since all re cheaper than rich countries, because this is still a developing country

Find tourism places in Sri Lanka beach and there are lots of Sri Lanka beach hotels are waiting for you.

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