Travel Journal

Travel Journal

Are you planning a trip with family and friends anytime soon? If the hope of preserving the good memories that you'll have with friends and family, then prepared to have lots and lots of images and collect other things that can be used as material for scrapbooking great when you go home.

There are actually different types of travel scrapbooks that you can try to do, here are some things you can try:

· Type of book Travel Souvenir Journal: you're the type of person who likes to write? Do you keep a diary or a blog just to have something to keep your ideas and experiences? Then you may want to try a kind of scrapbook of travel magazines. So there is a big enough magazine – preferably hard cover and no lines and only fill with all of your most treasured memories of travel. To make your journal look more attractive, make sure you put in a lot of good pictures and memories to accompany your text.

· Photo album scrapbook of type: if they are not so good with words, a photo album type of notebook is the most creatively easy to store your photos and create a unique souvenir of your trip. Just make sure however, that when you go on vacation, take lots of pictures. Also you can try different types of formats for your photographs to give your scrapbook style some more. Lomography is very popular now, why not use This technique of photography for your scrapbook, too?

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