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Only a four hour drive southwest of Panama City on the road is first class one of Panama's hidden gems, the small picturesque village of Pedasi. The visitor who has traveled to Panama and natives alike will tell you that is a different city Pedasí any in the country. The trip to Pedasi is almost worth the trip itself. A handful of people in the way mark of the trip and make progress for the good rest and points reference.

The first milestone to highlight is the spa area of Santa Clara. While this place is still relatively intact compared to the beaches of other countries developed multinational projects are under way here. Yesterday, however, as evident a week during the holiday season of irregular coastline contributes to an environment of private beach and had only thirty beachgoers something visible. We stopped for lunch at the hotel and restaurant The Veraneras, where seafood is the specialty. For a interesting and tasty meal try tostones stuffed with shrimp and squid! Enjoy your meal in the thatched pagoda overlooking the sea. If you want to take a nap after lunch, hire one of the smaller thatched pagodas along the beach complete with hammocks. The benefit is that Santa Clara is just one hour outside the city of Panama, but is pressed for more interesting sites.

After leaving Santa Clara and move ahead in a first might think that this trip seems desolate road. Fear not, because the path soon takes you to the town of Anton, where a series of wooden supports have a market for local products, fruits and sweets. More Later, halfway between Panama City and Pedasi Super99 is located, stop here for any grocery store, beer, umbrellas or other missing junk. Super99 is top quality and have most items that one could wish.

The last commercial before Pedasí city is Chitre. Here Super99 find another, along with everyone's favorite French fry, McDonalds. It seems as if McDonalds has recently jumped aboard the bus and go green today offers some low-calorie salads and sandwich options. Chitre is a good place to gas and a bite. Just twenty minutes from Chitre is Las Tablas, the Panama's number one Mardi Gra or Carnival celebrations. Pre Carnival celebrations take place during New Year and give the audience a taste of the magnificence of the next February events. A point to note in Las Tablas is French-influenced architecture, mix it with the Caribbean and a drum beat is transported in a unique setting.

Now you're in the last section, here the land becomes more immersed in the vegetation. The forty minutes late to Pedasí reminds at times of field and Switzerland in others the African safari, this landscape almost makes one forget about approaching their final destination. And without warning she suddenly comes to the final, Pedasi. With a population of only 2,000 people and a fairly private place on the tip of the Azuero Peninsula, one would never suspect to get to a place so fascinating.

The Azuero is known heart of Panama because of traditional culture and Pedasi is a reflection of this rich history. Unusual for Latin America, the symmetrical arrangement of Pedasi around a crowded town square with gazebo and church street green panels mark the streets. The atmosphere is that of a beach town hops; the few stores include a local art gallery, dive shop, the brick-oven pizza joint and a handful of restaurants and bars. Currently, a surf shop, and juice bar is construction and will undoubtedly add to the relaxed atmosphere. Most notable are overwhelming the modest but beautiful houses here painted in vivid blues and greens, reds and yellows earthy, with tiled roofs and front porch seating. In Pedasi life moves more slowly and everyone is friendly. Perhaps some style and charm Pedasí be credited to form the President Mireya Moscoso is of Pedasi. It is said that during his term and road infrastructure greatly benefited.

However, as important the quality of the city, Pedasi area is also pristine. Currently there are almost no tourists, which means that the land remains accessible and can spend an entire only later in the beach. Pedasi is also the jumping off place to travel in the area. The journey in twenty minutes by boat from Isla Iguana Pedasi popularity leads to for its world class diving and snorkeling climate. Here visitors can expect to see sea turtles, whales, and more species of fish that could name. From Pedasi, Playa Venao Destiladeros Modroño and are all quick car rides great surf spots. Venao Beach has its own surf camp and the beach This, like the others are the perfect place to catch waves free of the crowds.

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