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Travel Groom
What are the best places to get dog grooming courses online?

I want to take some online courses to prepare the dog to begin with, I have not found anywhere other than Petco, which offer training around my area, Ventura County, CA, especially since I can not go anywhere yet, for some months. Do I have to live in areas that offer online courses? What are the best places to take a few classes? Can anyone give me some advice about online courses for dog grooming and schools?

Please do not waste your time or money Online or dog grooming home study courses. Dog grooming is the practical work and this is how you learn best by practice. Many hairdressers take new people, starting out as swimmers and gradually teaching them the art and skill of preparation. You earn while you learn. WC schools can be useful, but at a cost of $ 3,000 or more. The best time to approach an abuser to seek training is probably in the summer, when the dogs come in many amenities. Go to the preparation businesses that would like to work in stewed to work. This means comfortable clothing (jeans and shirts will do) and shoes that you can stay standing all day. Nothing too tight or revealing. Elaborate hairstyles are a bad idea. Preparation is dirty, hard work. It is not for everyone. It is better to get training practice to see if you like your job and can do than waste time and money on home study or online classes. Another way to learn is to apply for work at PetCo or a chain of similar stores where they teach you to win a boyfriend while learning base, but I think learning a groomer is the best way. Good luck!

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