Travel Duffel

Travel Duffel
Should I use a Vera Bradley bag / Duffel travel bag or different?

I have 16 and travel a lot during the summer. I need a duffel bag or backpack to keep my things while I'm out (like a handbag for a plane) I also go to church camp and be in a rented bus and this bag would have to carry me and not take up too much space there or in a car / truck on vacation. I love Vera Bradley and was thinking of getting one of those. If you know one more bag to nearly the same price please tell me. Vera or otherwise, please send web sites and prices. If you believe you should get a Vera what color / size. Nothing over $ 95 please! Thanks!

OMG! I LOVE Vera Bradley! Honestly, I think you should should have a backpack, because it can double as a duffel bag and if you have limited space! In addition, backpacks are TOTALLY Vera nice! I recommend Hope Toile color but that's just a suggestion! I hope this helps!

Patagonia Lightweight Travel Duffel

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