Travel Charger

Travel Charger
A Zune is compatible with iPod Travel Charger?

I have a video of Zune 16 GB, with an input of 5 volts and 1.4 amps. I have a charger travel for the iPod, which I bought for my shuffle a while back, which is basically a plug-in to the wall with a USB port on top. Its production is 5 volts, so, but 400 milli amperes, or amps 0.4. It should not destroy my Zune, but I just want to make sure it will be safe, do not cause any problems, and will not void my warranty if I use it. So be it that it was this idea and really works? Thank you.

Well something done for another product you can always frying the product to be used in.I use a charger compatible laptop in my iHome speaker unit and started smoking and made a noise squeking lie .. no .. I was surprised because it was the same voltage and everything so be careful.

Kensington International Travel Charger For iPhone&iPod

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