Travel Changer

Travel Changer
drawn feather note?

A few months ago I changed some money in Australia. After returning home I realized that one of my $ 20 bill has a pen-drawn on it. It has two red circles on the right of the image. In June I will travel to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Do you know if they will accept my note pen drive in exchange for local currency? Right now I'm in Indonesia, not money changer accept it below.

In the U.S. There is a very serious problem of counterfeiting, and detection of counterfeit currency. One thing that some traders have been taught to do is apply the normal writing instruments … pen erasor, etc, for tickets U.S. in some way … In theory, the results will be a way if it is a legitimate note, another way, if the forgery. Consequently, it is not uncommon to find U.S. currency with pen scribbles on them.

travel changer

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