Travel Carry

Travel Carry

Those who have tried it will tell you that's probably the best I've done. If your purpose for travel is the adventure and excitement – then backpacking is the best way to accomplish this. Backpacking however, is not for everyone – it requires the ability to jump from the comfort zone of one. In fact it is necessary to abandon the idea of comfort completely, leave expectations behind and bring along the curiosity. If you are willing to do this, then backpacking is the cheapest way travel the world. There are some things however, you should know backpacking. Here's your list of travel:

1) You bring your own bag, always. When applied in general terms, this means that as a backpacker who is on his own, even if you travel in a group. You need to be able to take care of yourself, no matter what. As such talent is important. Evaluate all decisions in this regard. Plan your trip taking into account what you can handle and what you can not. You're not there to prove anything. The idea is to have fun, but do not pay a high price.

2) Backpacking is no joke. Are required to fund and advance planning. Because you are on your own and away from home for a decent period of time, planning will ensure that they do not face problems that end up ruining the voyage or that were entirely avoidable. Planning is also important to ensure that the management of their time and money effectively while traveling. Plan your date of departure, route, tickets, places to see, which would leave, where I'd like to stay in advance. If we stick to this or not, of course, entirely optional. The purpose of the plan is to give an idea of what you're doing. It is very difficult to change a plan that never was.

3) To carry information, by truck. This is the most important category in the list. The knowledge of the place you're visiting is of utmost importance not only to make your journey safer and easy, but to make it a learning experience. The more you know of a place in theory, more real experience mean to you. Moreover, if emergency, information about the place you're in will be your saving grace. Knowing in advance one place will ensure that you do not miss anything.

4) Prepare the backpack as well: The backpack is what will stay with you throughout, so you want to ensure you have what you need to survive. The emphasis is on "Survive" so you need to take accordingly. An ergonomic backpack is built – which means that when used properly, or does not cause minimal discomfort. To this, must be used wisely. Learn how to pack a backpack well (courtesy of the Internet) and then how to succeed. It last thing you want is a back pain during their travels.

5) Prepare yourself better: On a trip like this, which is against a lot. As long lead his presence of mind and not lose your sense of adventure – you'll do great. However, the exercise of caution never hurt anyone. So maybe a self-defense course or personal language learning are really good ideas.

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