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Blackpool Airport (BLK) is located south of the city. The entrance to the complex is linked by a dual carriageway to motorway network. You have to drive along the A5230 junction 4 of the M55 motorway and turn left at the first roundabout.

As a regular traveler I used Blackpool airport dozens of times, above all I had to travel at the airport because I do business as a public relations firm large luxury car. Each time I have to take a flight normally use parking sites available at or near the airport. Blackpool Airport Parking in itself is quite expensive, unless you can afford to pay short-term rate. On the Internet you have the convenient option of booking several services less expensive parking. I think I parked my car and everywhere available so I know that the companies offer the best and easiest parking procedures. Share my experiences and give some tips might give you some piece of mind, if you are thinking of leaving your car at the airport of Blackpool.

During a period of three years I've used a number of alternatives regarding off-site parking at Blackpool Airport. The parking lot was professionally run and safety was of high standards. However, at the end of the day it all depends on how much time is left before having to start to check-in. Also important is the amount of money you're willing to pay for parking your car.

If you enjoy, then the best option is to use the parking service with a driver. They are obviously more expensive but the procedure is very simple since it only has to drive his car to the airport, get the bags from the trunk and let the staff move the vehicle out for you. Every time using their service and returned from my trip I called and national businesses were waiting for me there! Could not be easier. One of the parking advisable provide the service is excellent Skypark Meet and Greet parking.

There is another parking well established that I would mention here, Blackpool Long Stay Parking. They operate a highly secure site. The parking process is simple. You just drive your car in the facility, with a ticket by pressing the button and save the receipt with you. When I returned from my business trip that took the ticket and confirmation to the information desk where the ticket was validated for me. When I left the park I inserted the ticket into the slot and walked away. Even enjoyed a discounted price as reserved parking in advance online.

More options economic are also placed within a distance from the airport. I want to use one of these is best to get there early you have time before the check in begins proceedings. If you do not feel good about this, then I would suggest, the very easy, the option of valet parking.

During the past two years always pre-book parking my line and I wish this year had also made the first. The use of these services to plan your trips really The best advice I can give you. Not suspected as they provide a guaranteed booking service is secure and very easy too. I never had a negative experience with them and will continue in using the Internet to organize my parking spaces. Listed below are some of the online services that I often used successfully.

Andrew Bond is a travel writer who has used the services of Blackpool Airport on many occasions and recommends the following online booking
Convenient online airport parking discounts at Blackpool
Travel Insurance

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