Travel Backpack

Travel Backpack

Cheap backpacks can be done, but I do not recommend it. Unless you are extremely skilled at sewing, it is not likely to come your way. Furthermore, even if you are an expert, is likely to take less time to pick up an extra day at work and buy a pack with the proceeds.

On the other hand, if you have a rack age-pack, you can make a cheap backpack with him. Remove the old package, and tie a nylon canvas bag clear so firmly with the rack out. String small bungee work to join as well. I did it with an old aluminum frame that still had straps and a belt, and the cost of a bag of $ 15, I had an external-frame backpack that not only had a lot, but weighed only two kilos.

Buy Cheap Backpacks

There are several ways to buy cheap backpacks. The most obvious is to wait just for a good sale. A faster way is to shop online for a package to use. Try, or go to a backpack or other open forum that allows people to sell their crafts, as The forums are nice, because you can easily ask questions about Service Pack.

You can also buy cheap used backpacks at rummage sales. Look at the ads of any mention of air art free, and call to see if they have a backpack you might want. You may be able to buy before the sale starts. Otherwise, start shopping early, and negotiate a little. I recently sold a beautiful frame Kelty-pack $ 15 at a garage sale.

Thrift stores sometimes have cheap backpacks. More often you has packages of days, but you never know. I have seen large antique frame packages were rough in the second hand stores, and it occurred to me that so few dollars I could just throw the package, and use the frame with a canvas bag, as described above.

Another way to keep costs down is to go light. Backpacks lightweight, unlike other lightweight gear, are always cheaper than large packets. If you've been thinking about reducing the burden, you can save money too. Ultralight backpacks are generally less than a kilo and a less. Probably use a sleeping pad as a "framework" of sorts. The good news is that are often on sale for under $ 100.

Go-Lite has several packages that are about $ 100, and sometimes on sale for less. The price list in granite Packer Gear Virga Ultra Light may still be under $ 100, and have seen it on sale for under $ 80. It also weighs only 21 ounces, a bonus for me, as I like the idea light and cheap backpacks.

Steve Gillman is a long-time advocate of lightweight backpacking. His tips, photos, gear recommendations and a free book can be found at

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