Tower Atlantic

Tower Atlantic
Overnight at Liverpool?

Im 46 and take my partner's age 43 to Liverpool on a Fri Nite, who reserve at Tower Hotel Atlantic and eat at a place in Stanley Street and then we go to some bars without final round everywhere, RNT a big music scene, but I want somewhere lively! All ideas

Depends on yer music taste, darling, but I personally recommend Matthew Street, "because the environment there is quite bloody ELECTRIC-no no other word which'll do it justice! Got all yer sixties and the Beatles-themed bars down there, like Rubber Soul, Bar Lennon, and, of course, yer famous Cavern Club, which again, I personally recommend "(although be warned, it gets quite chock-and-bloody boilin' hot down there) but again, the atmosphere here is electric! Matthew Street also has a series of seventy and eighty bars to offer, such as flares, (in the category seventy), and the pipe and Reflex in the category of the eighties. Grapes-(the pub down the street that our Corneilius Mateo just touched), was the Beatles Yer pub used to drink before and after every concert performed by The Cavern. Flanagan is also good, a little traditional Irish pub, and a bloody good to go for the "crack" I think it is called more than in Ireland, (and NO, 'crack' does not mean what I would say you're probably going to think it means, when used in this effect in particular!) Head down Matthew Street. And I promise, it will not be disappointed, and you will not receive any fucking shit while yer there down, "because trust me, honey, you're as good as gold down there:)

“The New Taj” Trump Taj Mahal feat. Chairman Tower – Atlantic City, NJ

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