Tote Red

Tote Red

For women who are not crazy about the bags, can be confusing to decide how many and what type of bags they need to complete your wardrobe. While there are hundreds online articles that discuss what comprises a complete wardrobe, basic, handbags are more difficult to quantify. Here are four categories of bags basic that every woman should own at least one.

Pretty everyone knows that both should have a neutral, any kind of day bag. It can be a black, navy blue brown white, red, or gray color. The style should match the personality of the owner. For example, a casual, cram-it-all-in women can opt for a simple cloth bag or hobo, while an ultra-organized business woman or student would probably prefer a messenger bag. A bag of every day should be a robust, quality fabric, like canvas or leather, because it is used regularly. If a woman has only one bag, this should be the type of handbag she chooses.

However, since bag every day is a practical option, it is not appropriate for all occasions. Weddings, parties and other special events require a woman to have at least one official bag. In general, a smaller bag or clutch bag is made official by luxurious fabrics like satin or leather. Add instant class and interest for a team while allowing him to carry basic necessities such as your passwords and personal data. While you can choose a neutral color for this bag, well, probably best to choose a color that works with the colors you normally wear to a formal event. For example, if you have a spectacular green dress you wear to weddings summer, consider a green clutch or lemon to accentuate it.

If you want to expand your wardrobe bag, consider adding a trendy bag. This is the type of bag can be fashionable now, but will look dated next year. Bright colors, interesting textures, and printed bags usually fall into this category. Be sure not to spend much money on a bag of fashion and probably not used much or for as long as the bag every day, neutral. Without however, a bag of fashion can bring new life to a boring wardrobe and can make you feel instantly more fashionable without a big investment.

With environmental concerns to be a popular topic at this time, a final bag would be essential to a mall or book bag. This is a big bag that can be used instead of plastic bags for food or for other shopping needs. Many stores will give you a small discount if you bring a reusable bag for this type of bag eventually pay for itself same. Just make sure it is sturdy and small enough that you can easily carry when full. Shopping Bag is a fun exploration of your personality and style, so do not be afraid to take any type of bag that makes you feel confident and sexy.

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