Top Rooftop

Top Rooftop

The beautiful island of Fuerteventura has over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and is the perfect year-round holiday destination. There are miles of sandy beaches, some are part a nature reserve, in sharp contrast takes some areas of volcanic rock looks like a lunar landscape. Those who are into hiking or mountain biking, can get from the beaten track and enjoy the rugged terrain.

If you're exploring Fuerteventura from the comfort of a vehicle the following information on how to move useful.

  • Driving is on the left side of the road.
  • The limit national speed is 90 mph, even if you are surmounted by a local taxi at this speed, do not be tempted.
  • You must be 21 years and have had a driving license for three years of hire.
  • Only the person who signs the lease is secured, make sure that anyone Signs that you want to drive the car. Generally, it costs more, but you must pay a fine for different insurance.
  • The roads are in very Fuerteventura good condition and kept resurfaced, so it is a pleasure to drive around.
  • If you hire a car – Always carry your license driving, car rental documents and passport (or photocopy of relevant pages.) Road checks are common and can not produce these documents you will receive an automatic fine on the spot.
  • Fuerteventura Taxis are relatively cheap and are easily recognizable by the green light on the roof of the car and a Badge marked SP (Serbian Public). In the tourist together the best parts of the taxi prices are sample stations.
  • Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited and fines are high if you get caught doing.
  • The use of seat belts is mandatory, do not risk not wearing one.
  • Bus services in major cities are frequent and cheap. The bus bus Canaria word, pronounced "wah-wah.

If you would like to enjoy all that the lovely island of Fuerteventura has to offer in the peace and quiet of a secluded villa, La Perla Negra, on the recently finished 5* star Bahia Azul estate makes an ideal base from which to explore the island. With 3 bedromms, sleeping 6, your own private lagoon shaped pool and a hot tub on a rooftop terrace, please visit for more details, availability and booking.

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