Top Handle

Top Handle

Luxury Gucci bags are just one of many items offered by the famous fashion line that is as good reputation among design accessories. The Gucci name is well known as reigns supreme in the world of fashion and the wide collection of Gucci luxury handbags are definitely representative of the denomination in terms of quality, style and crafts.

Gucci's collection of luxury bags, one of the finest luxury Gucci Bag is the crest. The emphasis is on the court style, whatever your name or design. Brown leather lined with Plexiglas meadow and prairie gold torch components, is available in dark green. That color is so distinctive color brown or tan, melting renewed elements in the design of a piece. I still remember that my mom had a bag in the same color. When I was a teenager, I felt I was a little dated. But now, I can taste her wonderful tone. It is a vintage color. Not too bright, not too dark, is low profile but optimistic. Only when a woman went through something, and got the true meaning of life, will prefer this color, warmth and elegance.

The dimension Crest Bag is 46cm long, 15cm wide and 30cm high. It has sufficient mass to keep all your personal needs and working papers. The eye-catching Gucci crest Heraldry added his dominion and power. Coupled with adjustable and removable shoulder strap can be hand held and carried around the arm.

From this season Gucci has launched a series of crest products from jewelry to shoes, this bag should be warm for its sophistication and versatility. However, price weighs ï ¿1560. Therefore, they accumulate in your closet or not, depending on you and your money.

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