Top Grain

Top Grain

During our time at the furniture fair shows one of the most frequent question we receive is "What type should I look for when buying leather lounge Leather?

Surprisingly most retailers do not know how to answer this question by a number of reasons.

1: They have no real idea themselves

2: They are afraid of losing a sale, therefore, to say something to the client to be assured that the leather is "top grain 'that is with a lifetime warranty.

In our experience this problem that does an active counter for the benefit retailers.

We have noted that most of retailers who successfully sell high-end leather lounges have well-trained staff, when it comes to explaining what kind of skins are more appropriate for a client in particular.

Often, the time that the client will want to know if the leather will last because of their family environment in particular.

Seller typical simply say that the leather is guaranteed to last and will have no problem with fixing or repair if a problem occurs.

However, this is not what most customers who pay good money you want, really want security and a guarantee that the hard skin, but often purchase more easily if they are told exactly what products suit your lifestyle, simply because they do not want to go through the hassle of your living room removed and repaired or worse to go through a process warranty claims.

Here is a simple way that has always worked in converting a visitor to his shop in a sale.

For example, a seller may ask if they have children or grandchildren? have pets? Leather furniture is a high traffic area? will eat and drink while watching television?

If the answer is yes to the above, then the best type of leather for them would be corrected grain leather, leather SI cheapest are the best for busy families, this will surprise many, but the client will see that you are not trying to make a quick sale, this method works over sales techniques high pressure.

Corrected grain leathers are treated with dyes, pigments full grain leather and are more resistant to scratches and spills, which will be better "shock" that complements the more expensive grain leather.

While full grain leathers are softer to the touch will scratch easier no longer have as much pigment in them.

However, many retailers want to sell the full grain leather and that means more profits from the sale, regardless of these facts.

This is why in our 16 years of experience we have found over and over again that the merchants to inform their customers about appropriate leather lifestyle often makes the sale more than those who simply just say something like …. "It's top grain leather that comes with a warranty of five years."

An informed client is better able to make a decision there on the spot, once they leave your store without a decision, you can also say goodbye to them.

Tony Saff is the Author of Hover ad creator and other software for internet marketers. He operates a few off line and online companies and has been self employed for the last 15 years.

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