Toiletry Travel

Toiletry Travel
Can you give me an idea of how expensive items will be in Brazil?

Hi all I have to travel to Vitoria, Brazil. I would like to get an idea how expensive things are there. For example there are restaurants at reasonable prices? What about groceries, toiletries and clothes? Thanks in advance.

Much depends on the elements. Brazilian capital are now among the 40 most expensive in the world to give you an idea, as 136 2002 131 Rio and São Paulo in the Bank ranking World, now that kind of more expensive 35 and 30. San Francisco is 32. Restaurants can be expensive, there is an abundance of restaurants per kilo in Brazil where they will have to pay between 10.00 and 25.00 for a meal (U.S. $ 6,00 and 15,00). Clothes were expensive, unless you go for imports of luxury. profits can sometimes be considered expensive for people living in the U.S.. My phone bill is around U.S. 200.00 per month, my cell phone around the U.S. 150,00. Electricity throughout the U.S. 200.00. Of course, much depends on how much you spend.

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