Toiletry Tote

Toiletry Tote
bridesmaids gifts! help!?

My wedding is May 3rd and I have not found anything for my daughters. I have five girls in my wedding. I was not thinking of spending a whole lot (def no more than $ 100) total. My mom bought me bag bags that say "Bridesmaid" on them and I fill them with goodies that will need for the wedding and can be used once. Nobody knows somewhere where I can get small lots of gifts (mini manicure sets, makeup, jewelry, candy, items toiletries, etc. ..) I could go on eBay and see what I can find. All sites / ideas appreciated. Thanks! Ps. My girls aged 10 to 27 years old and they are all of different sizes so everything has to be used for any age / size:)

First off … great idea! I'm doing this for my daughters. I went on ebay and has a ton of luck finding something that was not sold as a survival kit "wedding day" and they were quite expensive. I'm starting a plan Target to pick up all the little things. You can buy a ton in travel size, so it will save some money. Also, if you go to a place like which you can pick up cheap little flip flops or sandals for girls to wear at the reception. Good luck!

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