Ticket Thin

Ticket Thin
how well they perform this season sabers with the loss of two of their best players?

exits Brière and Drury still sting a bit and reduce the overall talent of this team, however, I still think they have a solid core of youth leaders quickly and some veterans. its not outside the realm of possbilities ending in mid-high range for the playoffs. I see them finishing fourth in the East standings, what is your opinion? and you can find a right now, I'm a fan long sabers of life against all odds and I will not hear any shit from people who think all the fans of Buffalo are bandwagoners. and fans Toronto fail to buy tickets on the buffalo for our games, I know you want to see your team play loose, but looks just like your TV at home and let's go, stop watching hockey and let the real fans watch the game of hockey, we have a team that can win! Briere and Drury and we love you guys for the great moments brought to our team and the city, but do not be surprised if they embarrass their teams and is a bit rough on the road to the cup. ladies later! Peace!

I think "might" still finish first in the conference, but still need to add size to do anything in the playoffs. I also hope that Connolly and Stafford to fill the void that some punctuation. Another question mark is who will step up and fill the void of leadership when things get tough. Briere and Drury those guys used to be that someone will have to increase by a true leader.

Thin Green Line – TV Smith & Tom Robinson with Adam Phillips

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