Thin Safely

Thin Safely
How I can lose 10 pounds safely?

I've been trying to lose 10 pounds before my wedding and I can not, and it really bothers you so much, anyone have any idea? Details: I have-I 24 -5 '8 and 129 pounds (Tall and thin), I feel much better if I lost 10 pounds, so please do not say that it is not need to lose 10 pounds Thanks for your help:)

Lenna, you do not say when your wedding is, so it is difficult to know if 10 pounds is a realistic goal. Generally, you can safely lose up to two pounds of fat a week and negatively affects not lean muscle mass (remember, fat loss is your goal, not weight loss.) Just over two pounds, and will start to lose lean muscle mass, which is what gives this tone, looks tight. If you try to overcome the loss of more than two pounds a week you'll end up as a "skinny fat" – which means it will be lighter, but flabby. The first thing you do is eat. starvation diets do not work. Reducing their food intake drastically not help you lose fat – rather lose some water weight and then stop your metabolism and lose energy. The body man is very intelligent and flexible of thousands of years of evolution – when it drastically reduced intake of calories, your body thinks it's starving (which are) and actually slow your metabolism and stop the fat burning process. This is counterproductive. You'll also be hungry, miserable and not a girlfriend very happy. So how will? Except for rare metabolic issues, it is quite simple: find out how many calories you need to consume to maintain your current weight and then reduce that by about 1000 calories per day (to lose 2 pounds per week.). This means that if after seven days, you will have reduced their total intake calories to 7,000 calories a week – which is the amount of calories is 2 pounds of fat. Do this for five weeks, and you should lose about ten pounds of fat, and minimize loss of lean muscle. So let's do some math to calculate how many calories you should take each day.: Without knowing your actual body fat percentage and activity level, I'm going to have here to make some estimates. Based on your height, weight and age, and sound quite lean, so losing 10 pounds might be a bit aggressive. I would point to six or seven pounds. I'm also assuming that you participate in light activity (work in an office, do housework / shopping, driving, etc. but everything feels during the day – if you have more assets, you need to see a few more calories day) On this basis you need to consume about 1700 calories per day to maintain your current weight. If more assets, will be closer to 1800 by day. So if you want to lose 1.5 pounds of (mostly) fat a week, you need to reduce your total daily calories to about 950 per day. Now before you freak, realize that you are going to be doing this by consuming a food bit less (about 375 calories less) and the burning of the remaining 375 per day a combination of cardio and weights. So you really going to eat about 1325 calories a day, and the burning of the remaining 375 through exercise. Cut 375 calories Food is not really as hard as you think, and sure beats the shit starvation diet that other people are defending. Burning an extra 300-400 calories day in the year would be about 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise on an elliptical trainer, or a 40-minute circuit weight training with about 20 minutes on the treadmill at a fast pace. Try whole body resistance training three times a week and 60-90 minutes of cardio on the days in between. The great advantage of this approach to more hunger and doing nothing is that diet pills will really improve your physical and overall toning and boost your energy and humor. In terms of diet that focuses on eating 4-6 small meals a day about 250 calories. Make a lean protein like chicken breast, fish or lean beef / pork in the center of the meal (about 3 ounces) and eat lots of vegetables (but skip the butter and cheese.) If you like oatmeal, eat every day because it is very filling and combustion is a slow but high-energy carbohydrates. Learn to love egg white omelets – a bud of use and four egg whites and load them with vegetables. Make sure you are drinking lots of water (not soda – even diet – or alcohol). If you get bored with water, frozen drink green or black tea, unsweetened or Perrier water with lemon. If you like beans, eat them. Nuts are also good snacks, but do not overdo. Once again, we always try to include a good source of protein at every meal. If you are pressed for time, make a whey protein shake simple (I like Optimum Nutrition 100% whey protein powder Double Chocolate – mix a tablespoon with a cup of skim milk and flavored, chocolate milk at less than 300 calories – you can get this at GNC.) Give one days Cheat (Maybe a Saturday night) when you can have a glass of wine if desired and eat one extra calories. In some cases, this will actually help revitalize metabolism within a few days in a reduced state of calories. If possible, I recommend keeping track of their calories. There is an online tool in which is ideal for this. I've used for years, and that certainly helps keep the calories under control and monitor their progress. Finally, you get a feel for the calorie content of meals and not have to monitor closely. Finally, go to the library and get some back issues muscle and fitness hers or pick up a current issue in the newsstand. They have great meal plans / recipes on almost every issue, as well as cardio and programs Practical training with weights. You can get some of their content for free on their website at: Best of luck and congratulations!

How to lose weight quickly, safely and easily

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