Tape Measure

Tape Measure

I took the tape too and it got stuck. I took it to pieces and unwind all, but how to return to mount? which way the wind the copper coil and the tape? how how? Thanks so for all the answers!

I agree with others, unless for some reason, is simply not possible, or special tape that is special, such as the use of belonging to someone special who passed away, (My husband is a property of his father and his father before him, so that "it is" possible! lol) to buy a new one. Now, to wind so that the curved edge of the body curves of the box. I wish I could show you a diagram! lol The movie is not flat. It curves out a little. This curve will work in passive mode outside the box measurement. Wow, this is difficult. Lol Ok, buy a new one! Please have a good day.

Superhuman tape measure skills (original)

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