Tank Bag

Tank Bag

If you are a military type person, or enjoy the heavy machinery used for war, an electric RC tank might perk your interest.

Electric RC Tanks come in various sizes, and have many different characteristics. Some of these features are: infrared ray sensors. Infrared are used to fight each other for the shooting of the "beams" in the other tank. Many of the infrared sensor tanks come in a pack of two so that you can get direct action to fight his friend. A good example would be "laser tag" with tanks. Another feature is that some sound tank capacity. Capable of sound that tank sounds of war as you play with him. This could be cannon sounds, the sounds of the engine or machine gun sounds. My favorite feature is the ability to shoot BB guns. Tanks with this feature can be loaded with plastic BB's or pellets that are fired barrels of their tanks in the opposition.

The Snow Leopard has many great features of being a tank top price. It has sound capability, shoots plastic pellets and has a mobile turret that can be converted on the spot and kill the enemy. These are just some of the features it has.

Snow Leopard Tank RC Electric is 18 inches long, 9 inches wide, 8 inches tall, and weighs about 18 pounds. It is powered by a motor Electrical and 7.2 volt rechargeable battery that allows the tank to last up to 30 minutes before recharging. The gun is powered by a motor "Airsoft gun "and can fire plastic pellets as far as 25 meters away. The gun also has an auto-reload feature by easier to pump round after round at your enemy. This tank is "ready to" battle, which means it is pre-assembled and pre-painted with a camouflage finish. It is controlled by a 3-channel distance and a 2-speed electric motor. This tank has an excellent performance maneuver giving it an advantage over his enemy. Enjoy full functionality of movement and the turret moves left, right, up and down as well.

What comes with it? The 1:16 Snow Leopard comes with tank, remote control (AA batteries not included), a package of 7.2 volt rechargeable battery and battery charger adapter (110 volts), and even comes with a plastic bag of BB to start.

Who is it? I would say the 1:16 Snow Leopard is for people who like to recreate the war to a level of scale, or just anyone who wants to battle with friends. I do not recommend it for children under due to the ability to shoot pellets that could cause harm if not careful 10.

To see a picture of the 1:16 Snow Leopard Tank, or to look at other Electric RC Tanks, come visit us today!

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ICON Urban Tank Bag review from Sportbiketrackgear.com

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