Tag Pink

Tag Pink
Does anyone know where I can find an aluminum dog tag shaped crown (preferably in pink)?

I am looking for a dog tag of aluminum in the shape of a crown. I've been looking everywhere online, but it seems nobody has. Things that can only be seen are like tin or large bulky items. I want to be like regular labels (eg, bones, heart, etc.), but only in that particular form. If you know anywhere online or store that has them please please please let me know! I just got a new puppy and I need a cute, unique tag it! Any suggestion would be helpful.

Try this link … I'm not sure about this … but it is the only thing I've found so far that has a place for your name and number of recorded phone … http://www.blingbling4pets.com/crowntags.html?gclid=CJ6w7NjxoZMCFQwrswod4n34ng

tag and thanks to PINK and Koko!

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