Tag Luggage

Tag Luggage
When we have the luggage tags for Disney cruise line?

and also my friend who has been in the cruise twice he says im supposed to get one ticket to disney cruise line says it and all the information, that's my ticket to board the ship, when I can get that? Like the mail a week before your cruise or something? Also how do I suppose to know and trust that they will get their luggage at the airport when the label Special baggage is on them?

You get your ticket from anywhere booked your cruise. Normally you have to pay in advance and usually send tickets by mail 3-4 weeks in advance (after having paid in full) Once you get your ticket, make sure your luggage tag for your own love to make it easy to locate. Normally airlines have sent the luggage to the cruise ship. However, if you do not, will be collected at airline baggage pick up. If you are taking a taxi or bus, then transfer your luggage and make sure it gets on the boat. most cruise handle everything from start to finish. Everything is checked and double checked. But do not worry, there are many staff to help you know what to do also will show you other travelers. It really is very simple and I know you will really enjoy the trip. I love taking them. They have everything on board in case I forgot something. So do not worry. Just relax and have fun. The airlines and baggage handling staff to put their destiny and labels for you.

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