Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation
How I can not miss the rest of my summer vacation?

My work at a summer camp is over, and I'm bored out of my mind. All my friends with the exception of a couple are on vacation, college trips, or summer of service. I have nothing to do, and I do not want to miss this summer! I live in the suburbs, so there is nothing interesting happens here. please help!

Pack a car and go camping with friends who are not on vacation. Do something crazy … dye your hair or get a piercing Paint your bedroom Make a road trip … explore the surrounding cities yours Spend some quality time with his father (S) … go fishing, shopping, movies, making homemade pizzas Check out see if there are any concerts in your area outside your local theater camp for the first person to buy tickets for a film that comes to learn how to start a dog walking skateboard business

Ice Cube – My Summer Vacation

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