Suiter Upright

Suiter Upright

The luggage back on the block is ProLite Coronado, Inc., Skyway Luggage Company. It is a fantastic light luggage with all the bells and whistles found in most heavy weight of the luggage. ProLite is constructed of a box divided into three layers using technology Cloudlite Zero Gravity Construction. This feature provides the force case, no obligation up to 50% lighter than conventional case construction. This fully framed lightweight case offers total protection for your clothing and other objects value, while the weight savings. With airlines charging for overweight cases, and new restrictions on the weight of baggage, baggage has come along the nick of time.

The upright cases have a number of functional characteristics, and still maintain a lighter weight of the bags class. The 22 "has a total of 16 bags, while 24" and 27 "with 14 bags. CentraEX expansion also have 2" of additional space when necessary. These cases have been designed to make the packaging as simple as possible. A suiter times within the bag takes up minimal space and is perfect for storing or the most elegant formal wear. cross straps, zip pocket travel and reduce wrinkling. The case has an elastic mesh pocket for shoes and closing an area of microfiltration. Staying organized is an external front section has lots of zipped mesh pockets y. There is also a label Retractable ID that holds a standard business card for companies to identify their luggage. A monogram on the front area of the initial cases also identify your bag and keep the loss to a minimum. A ticket pocket keychain and is easy to find.

ProLite also has vertical drop the bottom of the cases that are capable of traveling. These cases have several pockets and two zippered compartments. The inside of the front panel of the compartment is a pocket with waterproof zipper is ideal for damp items. There is also a double zippered interior panel between the sections to facilitate access to items one might need. This panel also acts as a zippered pocket seconds. Travel taking several visits to this case, an ideal to pack and unpack. The case acts as two cases split to facilitate removal of clothing. It is also ideal in a room with another traveler. Mobile Canvas also has two large packing compartments. Building has internal fins which are held in place on a long elastic pocket. The canvas stands on its own for the stability and ease travel. When the bag is not in use fins times in the construction and the case will lay flat for storage.

The backpack also has great pocket with waterproof zipper. This new range of luggage also has a mobile garment bag with a total of 18 bags. For your convenience packaging is a variety of pockets and zippered compartments. Take into account and dresses or pants suits and has a removable extension panel with pockets of shoes. micro-mesh pockets conveniently hold smaller items. With three hook clothes hanger can pack this bag three times the capacity of similar cases. There is a mesh covering that protects the contents of the bag features multiple zippered pockets. The mobile garment bag opens like a book and need not be decompressed for use on your trip. It can be your private travel as all of your clothes to be accessible and useful. To further facilitate the packaging you can use any household hangers and there are cars on both ends of the bag. There is also a retractable identification tag containing your business card, a keychain and a ticket pocket. Of course, all Pullman cases are equipped with the TSA combination lock allowed by the airlines. TSA security personnel have a master key that can be used to enter the case whenever they deem necessary. Meanwhile, their belongings are locked.

With a total of 27 bags of the mobile nylon bag is designed to hold all their favorite travel accessories comfortably and securely. It is fully compatible with a laptop inside pocket and padded neoprene laptop padded accessory pockets to store all electronic equipment quickly and safely. A pocket with waterproof zipper, also allow you to carry the wet bathing suit at the last minute. It an ideal size to fit under the seat in front of you, or above on a bus or plane. There organizer front panels fitted with several external pockets for easy access and utility elastic mesh pockets perfect for storing water bottles, keys and everything you need frequently. All cases feature ProLite Smooth-Zip zippers, a system of wheels and a quiet Comfort Grip handle system.

The luggage bag weighs only 1.8 pounds. and has five pockets. It has a detachable shoulder strap equipped with a comfort pad and a large main compartment. There is also a waterproof bag and conditions to protect the bottom of the bag. It is designed to piggyback on top of any part ProLite rolling down a Convenient slide in the back of the bag. The practical size 10 "x16.5" x9 "makes the perfect case for odds and ends, and is ideal for corporate gifts. Company logos or names may be silkscreened or embroidered on the matter. The ProLite baggage has been designed by 10 engineers in the luggage industry with a total of 300 years of experience and it shows!

Maxine Greco has worked in the luggage and travel industry for over 36 years. She is currently employed at Village Luggage & Gifts.

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