Suitcase Roller

Suitcase Roller
How do people spray the top of a bottle of perfume? They are strung on.?

I tried, unsuccessfully, to eliminate the top of perfume bottles for decanting perfume – He had a bad experience once when a traveling perfume roll (still in original packaging) broke and destroyed half of my clothes on vacation. I decant a perfume to a plastic bottle – just enough to take vacations, and yes I appreciate the plastic may perfume stain a little, but that's better than a suitcase full of clothes in ruins. However, aerosol caps are crimped, as I tried to use a saw and pliers and finish with jagged edges and fearful of breaking the glass! Crabtree & Evelyn have handy travel rollers perfume – but they are also glass …….. Sensible – NO!

top work easier for the United Nations crimp

Tippmann Deluxe Roller Bag Review by

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