Suitcase Padlock

Suitcase Padlock
Lost Baggage: (please help?

BA lost my bag which should be bright green over5000 [AED 900 + pounds on stterling value] of things [GHDs, ipod, loads clothes, makeup, all washing my face for a year, bras, etc. .. I'm really worried about it and did pretty stupid lock Jo'burg before I left … I get money if you have been completely lost? Are my things safe? Please help!

Hello I work for BA First, I regret that your bag is lost here. Secondly, the record of the lost luggage when he had to do in London or at your destination. It also blew at another company before taking a BA flight as well have been the fault of the prior companies if they are not connected to his bag for the flight time BA therefore, why not arrive with you. If you have made a claim must have provided details of the valuables in the bag, which is right not to block bag as many stations now require you to have the bag open while encased in X-rays are something that has no taste and the need to inspect more thoroughly. If for some reason the bag does not arrive within the designated time in which baggage services people have, then you should compensation but will inform on the exact amount you will receive. Secondly insurance against travel because the company can not pay for certain things that may be subject to a travel insurance. If you have not reported the missing bag I would suggest you do so that the process can be initiated at the location of your suitcase. Good luck

Open A Locked Suitcase With A Pen

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