Suitcase Nwt

Suitcase Nwt
Christians: what the Bible do you recommend other than the Northwest Territories and the Gideon Bible I "found" in my case ….?

Am thinking of RV, but apart from that? Anyone out there The Bible does not "translated" by people who do not speak Hebrew or Greek, or that have shaped its translation to fit your doctrine? Nea, is so funny:-P

The Northwest Territories is a bible that translates into people who are not renowned Greek scholars. The Bible Gideon is a good translation reletively like the RV. If you never read in Scripture and is seeking the truth, I can assure the translations have been folooowing painstakenly translated (word for word) or thransliterated (thought for thought) and are excellent for most of the "studying to show himself approved before God's a good worker "RV RV NIV NLT NIV LB The Message Please note the Living Bible and the message are paraphrases of the oldest copies of the Bible have trext paraphrases available and common language of today. Not exactly, word for word, but they are great bedtime readers of the Word of God, and can actually amplify the experience of, for example King James, New King James or New American Standard. The New International Version is so far the most accepted the Bible in many of the great teachers of God today. It's the Bible study of the way for a comment, you great, and is available in paperback for low cost, or leather mid cost covered versions, versions of high cost and a CD ROM for PC use. The NIV study notes as published by Zondervan have also adapted to the RV and BA versions writing. The RVA, RV and are examples of word for word translations, the NIV and NLT and NCV (New Century Version) are translations for thought thought (nerve conduction velocity is not my fav choice as is the Amplified Bible) I prefer KJV and NIV, I enjoyed the Ryery Bible Study Bible Study NIV Study Bible and Mc Arthur. I have a life application Bible study in the NLT version and recommend it to any beginner, but for staying power, and a Bible that will be one to satisfy all their needs over time you will never go wrong with a NIV Study Bible. (The NIV also comes in a version for students and also biginner is good, but I still recommend the NIV Study Bible is available at any Christian bookstore.) I hope you will not have been confused too, and I warn u stay away from the Northwest Territories and is LDS and publications. To be honest I started my walk in Christ 28 years ago with a Catholic version the Living Bible and I recommend it to any Catholic Bible, a Jehovah's Witness or Mormon publication. Long story you'll learn on the fly. Get one of the Bibles and recommend a good church to enter evangellical (non-denominational, if possible, Baptist or Methodist is fine too) who spend a good part of time worshiping and praising God before the preaching. (A Chappel Calvery, or called Cross Roads Church is good too). The four now and God bless Bob Prayers to God the Father Christ for you, to seal their love by the Holy Spirit …. Amen

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