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With so many activities that are fun for the whole family to enjoy, Krabi has framed as a relaxed destination where the emphasis is on comfort and relaxation instead of high-energy parties. The natural landscape is accentuated by limestone outcroppings known as cavities that appear throughout the region. With lush vegetation and beautiful coral reefs, there is plenty to explore while you are staying here.

Exploring the archipelago

One of the most remarkable experience the limestone rock formations and spectacular beaches is to take a trip from one island to another. Many tour guides offer organized excursions to the highlights the archipelago, which are worthwhile and an opportunity to break with the crowd of the season on the mainland. For the more independent explorer, sea kayaks can be rented for excursions to some of the nearest small islands. A day boat trip to Phi Phi is a must too!

National Park Bok Khoranie

If you have a shop and want a place to camp, consider heading out to Bok Khorani That the National Park, a secluded place which are not concrete but an abundance of species plants that culminated in a picturesque pond surrounded by gardenias and Apocynaceae. The park also boasts several limestone caves and some lovely mangrove forests. Many visit on a day trip to Phuket.

Rock Climbing

Many suppliers of equipment rock climbing in Krabi also give lessons in various skill levels to help improve their ability to rock climbing. The limestone cliffs and unique stone formations have helped build a reputation Krabi worldwide among the circles of rock climbing. Ton Sai is the first stop for most climbers, as it is the most visited site in the area rose. Other outputs of up to more remote areas are easily accessible with the help of climbing outfitters.

Koh Lanta National Marine Park

The sea gypsies, or Chai Leh, who lives and works in the island of Koh Lanta – now a national marine park. For centuries they have practiced their own form of spirit worship and talk its own distinct language. This island also has a standard cost in the region of beautiful beaches, unique rock formations and spectacular coral reefs for exploration. Some of the rainforest on the island is virtually untouched and remains protected. Visitors can rent bungalows and stay a while. It is also connected to the Phi Phi Island ferry.

Shell Fossil Cemetery

Thirty five million years ago, the site of Ban Laem Pho Cape was an enormous freshwater swamp that hosted millions small snails. The remains of these fossil creatures form a compound that has grown almost 16 inches thick. This huge slab has become one of the attractions Krabi popular and can be reached via a 10-mile drive from the city of Krabi.

Krabi nightlife

Ao Nang Beach is the main tourist area Krabi Resort, Krabi with the city itself does not offer much outside of outsiders with the exception of a vision of the everyday life of the locals. While not as exciting as Phuket, in the tourist bars and restaurants whose doors remain open until after midnight, although it will be difficult to find some exciting parties or nightclubs. However, this is a holiday more family oriented with some good restaurants and a relaxed and calm.


The official diving season in Krabi is from November Mach, although the conditions are hospitable all year round and divers are here at every season. Snorkeling is also a great way to get a view of coral reefs. Diving companies on the mainland you can get certified diver and also organize dive trips to all of the best reefs in the surrounding area. Diving in Phi Phi is especially good.


Bikes can be rented in the tourist area of Ao Nang, and a cycling track that goes outside the city rider guide through limestone rock formations that dot the landscape. The street tour of ancient peoples and forests of coconut trees, and riders can stretch this spectacular route as much as 15 or 20 mile bike.

Railay Beach

Railay Beach may be the region's most unique coastal areas, with its crescent shaped coastline that is cut off from the mainland by rock outcrops. Only accessible by boat, you can rent a boat to take you to a trip to Phra Nang, a sacred enshrined cave, or spend a night in one of the resorts that claim to these quiet beaches. Even the beaches of Phuket or even compete!

Excursion to Wat Tham Seua

Wat Tham Seua is the largest temple in Krabi, and its name means Tiger Cave Temple. It's literally tucked into the limestone cliffs of Ao Luk Thanu mountain range, and Buddhist monks who live and practice here what they do in their own caves. The highlight of this temple is the footprint of Buddha, located on top of a rise of 1,272-by-step, a point that affords wonderful views of the countryside spread in all directions.

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