Suitcase Brown

Suitcase Brown

Royal Windsor, 20 miles west of London, on a bend of the River Thames, is dominated by the castle palace after which the city is named. However, there is much more to see and do in town than just walking around the castle grounds. Here's a different tour of Windsor, which costs nothing, but it rewards the visitor with rich landscapes and fascinating views.

Leave will begin in front of the castle, opposite the statue of Queen Victoria with the castle behind. The statue was placed here in 1887 to mark the golden jubilee of the queen. At his funeral in 1901 the coffin was taken to Windsor by train (the station is on your left) and where you made last is located along the main street. They paused briefly in front of the municipality for the people who filled the streets could pay their respects. We will follow the same path and go see the guildhall ourselves. It's the building with white columns on the other side of the road with the statue of Queen Anne. This was built by Sir Christopher Wren and was where Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles. Keep walking past the guildhall and the church and right you will see the upper windows of the first study commercial photographic England. Now on the opposite side of the road you can see two mailboxes. The rare blue box was placed here only for airmail. Airmail world's first service began in 1911 in England, between Windsor and Hendon in north London to celebrate the coronation of King George V.

Now continue to along Park Street fashion houses Georgian facade and in the two brewers pub. This is one of the oldest and finest Windsor, before continuing through the doors at the end of the street to take a look at the long lovely walk. They are three and a half miles of asphalt to the Copper Horse on the other end, with a deer park to take a third of the route.

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