Suitcase Blue

Suitcase Blue
What is the approximate value of the old radio or the phonograph?

I think my grandfather bought it in 1939. It's a masterpiece Radio suitcase phonograph style M-1606 model, blue (faded). The AM radio works great and the turns of the turntable. I do not have a needle on it. I can not find anything at all on the web about this model or any like it.

Can not answer that in the particular model. I was into these things and still a few years ago has some of the bits on the site. Unfortunately, not usually worth much unless it is a particular favorite model, like the Australian "Empire State" the radio on this site that is stylish. 1176696767372.html The fact that his game is still playing makes it worth something. The condition is a big deal in these markets. That is so old can help. Maybe $ 200, but possibly less. Needles, etc are not all that difficult to get if you know some people who collect old radios. Here's another site that can help, though again it is an Australian. Why not try search terms "masterpieces" and "Radio era?

Erin Mccarley – Blue Suitcase

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