Suitcase Black

Suitcase Black
any idea how to identify the luggage at airports. i black your lost luggage last year! thanks?

In the many times I have traveled in the U.S. and around the world, I have done the following. Inside the bag I can see, I put a card (or paper with my name and phone number) and a copy of my passport page, to enable ownership of my being identified, even if the labels were to disappear. The passport page helps me obtain a replacement passport if I have the passport lost or stolen and I am in another country. On the outside, I use a wide range of 2 inches of duct tape to make a single line in each of the six sides of the suitcase and around each of two loops. The bright red strip I can not see my bag as soon as it hits the racks at the airport or in the lobby of the hotel from a distance.

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