Stowaway Travel

Stowaway Travel
What do you think is the answer? and what is the reason?

Ariel awoke. "What happened?" He asked. Carlotta "Ariel, what have you done?" She cried. "We are in the air!" Ariel looked over the side. Indeed, were outside land. Then someone shouted: "Stop!" It is a stowaway in that basket! " Ariel looked at the crowd contained to the finish line. Few were in strollers, some were in the wagons, and others were riding fast. A cross wind threw the ball. Whooosh! 1) From the story, you can guess A. ____________ Ariel is supposed to be on the globe. B. Carlotta slipped into the balloon on purpose. C. Ariel wanted to travel with Carlotta. D. Ariel Carlotta knew was there. E. They are ready for landing

a. There was a stowaway on the globe, so that one of the two girls are not supposed to be there. She did not seem to know when placed in the balloon and fell asleep it would go up, while Charlotte is not surprised that high, only Ariel is there with her. That shows me Carlota was aware of the events, Ariel, but not, for what must have been a stowaway.

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