Stiletto Shoe

Stiletto Shoe
What is the difference between a needle and a shoe bomb?

I was on a shopping site for shoes, and almost all the shoes are called 'bombs'. What is the difference between a needle and pump? A needle is higher? Skinny? Pointier? What do strippers wear? I have no idea. Tell me, please! : D

Stiletto means "Stilts bit" in Latin and Italian, which refers to a very high (usually 4 "and up) that the heel is extremely thin. The pump is a widely accepted generic term for any high-heeled shoe. I work in the fashion industry and I must say that nobody really here in New York uses the term "bomb" unless they are mother / waitress / old / professional dancers / etc. Everyone says "tacos" as the term standard generic, and "needle" always refers to the extremely high and thin heels. In fact, "pin heels" are a stylus even worse!

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