Split Convertible

Split Convertible
Cars and a crotch rocket or two cars?

My friend and I moved to Florida, I have a car, but my friend needs one too. We were thinking which could lead to mine when we need also (for bad weather, groceries, etc) and get a crotch rocket (insurance is good, the gas is cheap, crossing). Our other option is to get two cars – the problem is not safe …. insurance on my car around 400-440 because I have 18, is a convertible and a GT. We Consider splitting the cost between us to be more affordable. So here it is: a car, a crotch rocket? cars or 2, lots of insurance?

I say the car and the bike if your friend knows how to share! You will have a grill with the bike and as you said can use the car for rainy days! Good luck!

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