Spinning Wheels

Spinning Wheels

Winter driving can be difficult enough without having to tell someone driving in reverse, but that's exactly what I recommend for situations rare when driving forward with front-wheel drive just does not cut it.

Certainly the idea of driving in reverse, is a bit strange, but in special circumstances that works best with a front-wheel drive vehicle to go forward. The special circumstances of deep snow and going uphill.

For those of us living with a steep and long term, can be a challenge to make it uphill in deep snow, even with front wheel drive. Going back with a front wheel drive vehicle may help overcome the difficulty. Here's why:

  • Its wheels are lower, so that gravity shifts more weight on them for better traction.
  • You must drive slower to maintain steering control, and tends to promote spinning wheel traction.
  • The front wheels of the vehicle and are compacted snow (thanks to the rear wheels) instead of loose snow, so which provides greater traction.
  • If you feel you are going to get "high centered" in deep snow, you can stop and pull forward (down) as the wheels are not drive in snow, however, so they'll have better traction. In addition, engine weight and gravity are in their favor.

Thus, when driving in winter throws a challenge to you like driving down a slope in deep snow, you might get through it to go back to the front towing vehicle.

Do not try this, except in situations where your travel route is relatively straightforward, there is no traffic to deal with, and no nearby ditch or embankment that presents a risk if it runs of course, a little to try to drive in a direction that can not be used.

Clair Schwan is an experienced driver in all sorts of weather and road conditions, and lives in a remote area where blizzards and snow drifts are commonplace. He suggests staying off the road when it’s tough going. He has more safe driving tips to save you time, money and grief over at http://www.frugal-living-freedom.com where the motto is, “…living well, and well within your means…”

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