Spinner Luggage

Spinner Luggage

This article is a collection of Samsonite Spinner review their collections: Aspire, Silhouette 10, and Xion 2.


Vacuuming is considered one of the most popular types of bag to carry your luggage. All these bags are designed with style. Several companies manufacture luggage bags brand sucks. People will find Aspira different colors, different sizes. The style of these bags can also be different. Aims can be used by business and pleasure. No doubt the fact that these bags offer all the baggage security users. Most of them are scalable and provide plenty of space to store users personal accessories and documents.

Silhouette 10

Samsonite Silhouette manufactures 10 different types of bags. These bags have some characteristics in common. Some of the variety of colors that this type of luggage bags usually offer are red, black and olive. In addition, the Silhouette striking features of 10 bags include top, bottom and right side handle, walk-made leather handle, locking system of the TSA. Most of these bags mark is made of nylon Samsonite Tricore. Since the quality materials used to make this bag, people do not have to think about the durability of Silhouette 10 bags. Anyone can safely use to carry their luggage. These stylish bags are indeed the perfect choice for fashionable people.

Xion 2

Xion 2 is undoubtedly one of the most unique types of Samsonite bag. People prefer to use these bags for several reasons. Some of the key features that have Xion fact two popular among users include quality, design and style. To make this bag, Fiberloc polyester fabric being used. Spinner wheel, press button lock handle, large main compartment and padded top and side carry handles are the main features of Xion 2. Although, these bags offer different types of facilities to its users, the price ranges of these bags are not high. Therefore, anyone can buy.

Price Ranges the Aspire, Silhouette 10, Y 2 Xion

Aspire Price usually ranges from $ 21.60 to $ 135.99. Whereas sales price Silhouette 10 ranges from $ 74.95 to $ 209.95.On the other hand, the selling price of Xion 2 ranges from $ 76.99 to $ 203.99.

Average weight Aspire, Silhouette 10, and 2 Xion

All of these are lightweight luggage bags. Aspire weight of the bags usually do not exceed 14 pounds. Whereas that the weights of Samsonite Silhouette 10 bags measure about 2.3 pounds to 15.2 pounds. Apart from this, there Xion 2 bags. The weight of these bags usually measure between 3 pounds to 13.13 pounds.

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