South America

South America
What current problem in South America should write my article on?

I have to write a term paper that relates to any topical issue in South America, I need something that has enough information available, but not too large. Any ideas? For the first answer. I appreciate the help, but I do not think I can access the source application outside my own question.

1, Go to: "The research the answer" (after "Know your source? listed here:") on its website in question. 2. Type: South America / Current Events/2008/Information/Details? 3. Go to: "South America – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia", an entry listed on page one of the titles offered. 4. Go to: "9. Links external "in the blue outline provided, and click it. 5.Go to" News ". 6. Go to:" * (English) The Council on Hemispheric Affairs -> (I could not make the arrow shows) An independent source of Latin American news and opinion. "7. Go to" Search By Year "in the right side of the page. 8. Go to: "2008" and click it. Significant stories of the year for his election wins. As with any country, there is a smorgesboard of events that happen throughout the year. I do not know what to recommend for a topic to write: we hope that this information will help.

Tom Sawyer – South American (Juan Magan & DJ Josepo Remix)

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