Soft Leather

Soft Leather

For leather work, consider the basics: an awl and spare point, a retractable X-acto knife
and spare blades, a retractable knife with a blade altruism and a rotary punch. In
It must also needles, a piece of beeswax and some waxed linen thread.

In addition, a pair of pliers to pull the needle through the skin is a must, and scissors
can be used to cut leather. Then there are waterproof and chamfered edge used for
finish the edges, drive punches for large holes and thong cutters for making laces. A
T-square, compass and measure are essential for ensure that their work is leather
measured accurately.

If you are starting out with leather work, you may not want to spend much money
in tools. Once you have worked with the basic set and completed a few projects, you
have a better idea of what tools work best what you use most. At that time, a little
research and some comparative shopping can lead to acquiring some better quality
tools improve their leather work.

Of course, even more expensive instruments, will not help if you have not taken the time to
develop and refine his art. If you do your very best with what you have, not
Whether you can not afford more expensive the punch or the latest knife.
Quality display
of anyway.

Tips and Tricks:

* Start with a set of basic tools.

* Buy better tools quality once it has completed some
projects and have a better idea of what will improve the quality of their leather work.

* Study the different types of leather before starting.

Leather Tools

There are many different types of skin available, some better than others, depending
in draft you have in mind. Vegetable-tanned leather, also called skin tools
has been processed using vegetable dyes rather than chemicals. As is usually flesh-colored
and is excellent for a variety of projects, especially if the top should be stamped or tools.

Because it has a relatively rigid structure, this type of leather is ideal for leather work items
as covers of books and tapes.


Oil tanned leather, also called Latigo, unlike other leathers, has a waxy surface and is ideal
for leather work projects where durability and flexibility are a necessity, for example, to tack and
saddles. Avoid using it though if you do not want the finished product ranging and
flexibility, as in dog collars. Note also that can not be carved or engraved.

Top Grain Leather

Top grain leather has a face Smooth, called grain, which is the skin side, and a rough
inner side, the flesh side. On one side can be used, rough or smooth.

Tanned Leather Chromium

Chrome-tanned leather is dyed with modern chemicals such as chromium and comes in a
variety of colors, is often targeted First, although the cutting edges can be a different color
confronting them. It is relatively cheap, but not very breathable, and can not be worked or
sealed because is too soft for leather work and is water resistant

Skin Weight

skin thickness is expressed in ounces. The heavier weight, the thicker skin.

Calf or goat skin is generally 2 ounces or inches 1 / 32 thick. One ounce is 1/64th of an inch
thick. At the other end of the scale, 8 oz leather is usually 1 / 8 inch thick.


* Leather Tools is the best option for most of leather work projects.

* Latigo leather is ideal for durable goods, such as tactical and saddles.

* Choose clothing chamois leather and making clothes.

* The heavier weight of the leather, the thicker it is.

* When leather mail order, try some samples of the sample in the first place.

* Keep your skin soft and supple to the proper oil.

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