Socket Plug

Socket Plug

The nature of the beast, as far as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is concerned, is the protection of power. load connection to the power supply must be secure and continuous provision must be made for energy distribution to essential loads. connecting the critical load will be based on any of the direct connections to the UPS output or a form or power distribution unit. Loading of the connection can be through an electrical outlet or wired, depending classification and current drawn. Downstream distribution of installation depends on the format you have chosen either centralized or decentralized.

Essential loads are a customer continuity can not function without energy, and can include things like payment systems, transaction processing and other operational burdens. Loads are those that require critical power protection, such as computers and other back-office may, but are not as crucial to the operation as essential loads.

The connection of uninterrupted power supply

UPS decentralized distribution usually includes plug-in type units, which results based on the standard socket to provide connections up to 16 in total. Enlarge today require a wired connection to the output terminals or perhaps a style connector industrial. When multiple loads of wiring, a distribution box is used.

Connecting external Bypass

Where the external bypass installed, it provides the connection for charging, either directly (plug-in or wired) or through a switchboard. The derivation will switch manual transfer or circuit breakers, and may also include the automatic transfer switch circuitry to provide the facility with more resilience if the UPS is accidentally deleted or not.

Distribution Boards

Distribution boards provide a common point distribution of burdens and are used for centralized systems, mainly. Each feed in the cabinet can be supplied separately by appropriate circuit-breaker rated to provide discrimination in the case of a short circuit. In general a critical facility, two or more tables distribution may be provided, one for the uninterrupted power supply (critical load) and one for the generator that support essential loads.

Power Distribution Units (PDU)

power distribution units to distribute power to various loads plug-ins such as clusters file servers. Supplied with a variety of connectors and combinations to accommodate any number of shots. Each PDU is melted and can also incorporate other form of surge suppression, TVSS (surge suppressors), for example. Within a rack cabinet, PDU can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Intelligent power distribution units, which can be controlled remotely over a network, are increasingly prominent. PDU is not due to chain fashion, where more than one is used. They are usually individually fused and feed each other, a single point of failure is being introduced in the system continuity of energy.

Automatic and Static Transfer Switches (ATS)

These can be used in place of the distribution units energy, especially for load plug-in type. They are typically based on relays.

switches for high power static address and can be programmed for either single or three phase inputs and outputs. One clear advantage is that they are switch-based static and can be connected in parallel to provide added resilience.

A note or a warning, however, static transfer switches, you must be careful to ensure a single point of failure are not introduced into the side output of the UPS. Each device is connected by a fuse or circuit breaker, which in case of breakage or open, will lead to load they fell.

This article was compiled using information available in The Power Protection Guide – the design, installation and operation of uninterruptible power supplies (ISBN: 9 780955 442803).

By Robin Koffler and Jason Yates of Riello UPS.Robin Koffler is the co-author of The Power Protection Blog and the General Manager of Riello UPS Ltd, the UK subsidiary of Riello UPS (RPS S.p.A). For more information visit the Riello UPS – uninterruptible power supplies website.

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