Sleep Eye

Sleep Eye

Fatigue has become a modern plague with 25% of the population suffering from fatigue to some degree.

While many to resort to coffee, energy pills, energy drinks and other stimulants, part of the problem could stem from poor sleep habits.

It may surprise you, but Sleeping is sometimes better than more. They often wake up feeling more refreshed after 6 hours of sleep after 7 hours.

How can that be? It's all the sleep cycle elusive.

The sleep cycle is a period of 90 minutes repeated 4-6 times during the night when we sleep. The sleep cycle consists of 80 minutes of NREM sleep (NREM) and 10 minutes of REM (rapid eye movement). REM, which is the most important part of the cycle can be identified by rapid eye movements of the sleeper, which means a deep sleep.

If the sleeper is disturbed in the middle of the cycle, he or she will wake up feeling disoriented and confused. Due to 4 cycles up to 6 hours of sleep is more refreshing sleep 6 hours 7 hours, which is in the middle of the cycle, fifth.

I imagine some from you raising eyebrows in skepticism, but try it and be surprised pleasantly.

Set your alarm clock to the number of cycles that can fit in 7 minutes and add just before you close your eyes. Why seven minutes? Simple, is the average length of time it takes to fall asleep, we guarantee sleep through complete cycles. You will not regret.

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